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Сегура Вьюдас Лавит Брют Натюр Винтаж. R.Parker© 88 Points

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Segura Viudas Lavit Brut Nature is light gold in color with a fine and vibrant mousse.The bouquet contains aromas of apple, notes of citrus and hints of fine herbs.The beginning of the palate is dry and refreshing with a lovely and harmonious acidity. Soft and creamy through the mid-palate, the wine finishes with subtle flavours of dried fruits and hints of butter that are results of 18 months of ageing.This Brut Nature certainly “awakens the palate. 

Segura Viudas Lavit Brut nature vintage conditions 
”2006 was a very dry year in the Cava region.The January rains were, however, sufficient to allow the vine to successfully complete its vegetative cycle, until more rain fell in September.This drought brought the harvest date forward, as the grapes had concentrated their sugars and were at an optimum point of ripeness. We started to pick the Macabeo on 23rd.August.The quality was excellent and the potential alcohol was slightly higher than the previous year.The Parellada in fact benefitted from the September rains, and we were able to start picking at the beginning of October, bringing in perfectly healthy, fully ripe grapes, with a good level of acidity.The Consejo Regulador classified the 2006 harvest as “Excellent”.

Awards/Trophies: AWARDS AND COMMENDATIONS: • Big Gold Medal. Best Sparkling Wine Methode Traditionelle of the world.Vinitaly 2006.Verona, Italy. • Silver Medal. Challenge Internacional du Vin 2007. Bordeaux, France. • Silver Medal. Internacional Wine and Spirit Competition 2006. London, UK

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